OROOK professionals include:

ArchitectsCivil and construction engineersMechanical engineersElectrical engineersProject and construction managersConsultantsLegal and business administration professionalsLand surveyors and geologistsTranslatorsOffice managersConstruction HR & IT professionalsArchitects
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Are you looking for a new full or part-time job or just want to stay up to date with the job market? We have got you covered!

Increase your chances in landing your dream job by using our unique features:

  1. Create your profile by adding skillset, background and interests;
  2. Get job recommendations customized to your profile;
  3. Receive direct invitations from companies;
  4. Easily filter jobs or applications, save time and increase the chances of finding the perfect match for your needs.

OROOK matches job opportunities to your skillset offering you relevant positions only!

Your personal data is safe with us! No one can see your full profile until you apply or accept a direct invitation from an employer.

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Acquire new industry-relevant skills and boost your employability potential. We help your career development!

Project Management

BIM & Software



Standards & Regulations

Products & Technology

Sustainability & Environment

Soft skills

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Coming from within the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, we understand all of the struggles our colleagues are facing every time they look for a new job or better working conditions.

We enable your voice to be heard, plus you get first-hand insights into our industry-related research and publications.

Join us on this journey of shifting our industry employment dynamics towards the future – more digital, more transparent and more fair-play.