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Typical recruitment in the construction industry
Recruiting process in the construction industry typically involves:
Non-specialized platforms
Non-specialized platforms or solutions, often resulting in irrelevant applications and making the process slower and less efficient
HR agencies or "head-hunters"
Expensive services of HR agencies or "head-hunters" - although they might be effective, these services are usually too pricey and time-consuming for companies operating on a tight budget or deadline
Word-of-mouth approach
Word-of-mouth approach, where many positions are not openly advertised & Lack of trust on both sides (professionals and companies)
How OROOK tranforms the recruting process
Listening to the needs of Companies
Building on more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry consultancy, higher-education and recruiting, as well as digital product development, OROOK is bringing the construction recruitment process to the next level as a specialized industry platform providing higher transparency and lower hiring costs than a typical HR agency.
Hearing the voice of Professionals
Coming from within the industry, we understand all of the struggles our colleagues are facing every time they look for a new job or better working conditions. We will always aim to put the professionals' perspective first. That is why OROOK services will always be free for professionals and we will always be open to their feedback. Join us on this journey of shifting the construction industry employment dynamics towards the future – more digital, more transparent and more fair-play.
Our mission
Deeply rooted in construction, OROOK relies on the power of its unique data-driven matching to facilitate employment in the construction industry, making the employment process more efficient and transparent, and paving the way to better understanding and stronger relationships between companies and professionals thus helping to improve working conditions and overall productivity in the long run.
Our vision
Our vision is a productive, sustainable and digitalised construction industry, fully accountable to both people and environment, with highly motivated and well-compensated professionals ready to embrace new trends of industry 4.0.
Deeply rooted in construction.
Meet the team
Miljan Mikić
PhD MSc Civ. Eng.
Founder & CEO
Đorđe Nedeljković
PhD MSc Civ. Eng.
Aleksandar Lazarević
BSc Op. Mng. Eng
Head of Product & Customer Experience
Duška Nikolić
Digital Marketing Strategist
Sanja Nešović
MSc Civ. Eng.
Key Account Consultant
Ivana Jokanović
MSc Chem.Eng.
Account Manager
Vanja Blagojević
Business Development Manager
Tanja Kvrgić
MSc Engineering Management
Business Development Specialist
Ana Nadaždi
MSc Civ. Eng
Research Consultant
Katarina Pavlović
MA Graphic Design
UX | UI Designer
Dunja Sretović
M.Sc. Serbian Language Professor
Web Content Writer & Marketing Copywriter
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